About Bourrassé

Born in 1900, the Bourrassé Group was at first a cork craft workshop, and then the company has evolved to become today a leader in cork industry. Through continuous investment in research and development, Bourrassé Group produces every year closure solution based on natural cork, with an increasing quality and reliability. The production is controlled from the lifting of the cork to the bottling. This mastered production allows Bourrassé to be responsible for the cork quality.

Cork Group Bourrassé

Our products range

15 different products grouped in 5 categories to stick as close as possible to your needs.

French quality

Logo-BV+Celiege_systecode-premiumHighest quality of products and services, an expertise and an undeniable know-how.

Cork-taint suppression

2,4,6 TCA elimination by VX© process developed by Bourrassé.

Integrated production

The production is controlled from the beginning to the end, from the selection of the cork in the forest to the distribution.


Our mission

Bourrassé Group’s mission is to turn a natural, renewable and unique resource into a liable and neutral closure solution, a long-term partner of you wines.