The naturalcork, partner of long-keeping wines.

N Natural cork will tell long before the taster, if the wine has been perfectly accompanied, entirely respected in its silent evolution. This partner of quality wines, it is the high-end natural cork from the Bourrassé Group.
A cork, 100% natural, whole and homogenous, selected and treated, controlled in our factories just like the wine it protects. It is fine, beautiful, convenient, sensual…

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Fusion®, the oeno-technical cork, Bourrassé’s original creation.

U nion of both, the perfect knowledge of cork and the technical know-how, Fusion was created by Bourrassé Group in order to offer to wine-growers the absolute certainty they will enjoy tasting their wines as they have imagined it.

O riginal, enhancing and powerful driver of brand image, Fusion is composed of a body in cork micro-granules, thin and pure, combined with a natural cork disc at each end, noble and only part in contact with the wine.

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Wine Brightness.

R ubiRubi is a micro-granule cork made by individual moulding using the cork “flesh”. Rubi is cork, a soft chemistry, and nothing else. Freshness, aromas delicacy, neutrality are Rubi’s assets on the long-term…

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Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines

Access our whole range of corks for effervescent wines.

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Osmoz II

Osmoz II®

Osmoz®II, fruit of Bourrassé’s savoir-faire

O smoz II, fruit of the technology of the sparkling wine closure, is the oeno-technical cork par excellence for long-keeping wines, because of its long shelf-life after corking.

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Osmoz®, technical natural corking for long-keeping wine

O smoz

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  • Eco2, bouchon naturel: Bouchon naturel optimisé en phase aqueuse

ECO2®, 100% natural.

E CO2® is a natural cork, optimized in aqueous phase. Beyond the security regarding its mechanical and organoleptic performances, ECO2® is a natural, ecological and economical corking solution.
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Colmated, optimized natural…

N atural and economical corking solution, the colmated cork stopper, in full body cork which performances have been maximized by blocking the lenticels, receives the special Bourrassé know-how that makes it a respectful cork for the organoleptic qualities of your wine.

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Sigma®, a technical corking.

S igma, composed of large granules and a disc of natural cork at each end, represents at once a natural and technical corking solution, but also a safe and universal one.

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Technical and economical corking

U nion of cork discs and a large cork granules body optimized by colmating lenticels, Basic® is an economical and technical corking solution.

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Universal micro-granules cork

D elta® is a corking solution benefiting from hydro-distilled cork cell tissue attributes. This process guarantees neutrality, homogeneity and output, over a 24-month-long period.

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Corking for short-keeping wines

A gglomerated corks

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