It’s a huge honour to share a third testimonial by Jean-Claude Berrouet with you on technical aspects.

We are delighted to share a testimonial by Jean-Claude Berrouet with you on the qualities of cork: “An intimate relationship between a natural product and wine”.

It is a huge honour for us to share the testimonial by Jean-Claude Berrouet with you where he explains why he chooses Bourrassé.

We would like to thank Jean Brana and Jean-Claude Berrouet for their testimonials about cork and Bourrassé.

Brana is the custodian of excellent craftsmanship that is passed down through the generations […]. Over time, the company has moved forward but without ever compromising the quality and authenticity that have established its reputation for over a century”.

“[…] After studying viticulture and oenology in Bordeaux, Jean became friends with the world famous and recognised winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet. He became a true mentor for Jean, and the two of them have established a very special relationship”.

Bourrassé (CB) is delighted to share the testimonial by Paulo Bava from Bava Piemonte

Thanks again for sharing your passion!

Many thanks to Maison Trimbach for its testimonial on CB corks.

This family-run company in Ribeauvillé has been making fine Alsace wines since 1626.

Our thanks to Loris Dall’Acqua for his testimonial about Bourrassé stoppers.

We are proud to help Col Vetoraz achieve excellence.

A huge thanks to Château Valandraud for its testimonial praising Bourrassé cork closures

This is a quality partnership! 

A huge thanks to Maison GUIGAL for its testimonial praising Bourrassé cork closures.

This is a quality partnership with a future!

Bourrassé is the proud recipient of the Landes department award

This award enables us to share our values and commitment to sustainability.

We would like to thank Prix Néo Aquitains and Antoine LASSORT – Sud Ouest
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