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Social economy

Certified SYSTECODE* EXCELLENCE, Bourrassé has taken its commitment to the highest level, above and beyond the requirements of the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices (ICCSMP).


Bourrassé is naturally ethical and constantly seeks to ramp up its commitments. The Bourrassé group has two sites included in the FSC certification scope – namely Socori as the Central Office located in Rio Meão, Portugal and Tosse France – APCER-COC-151187 – which allows it to supply 100% FSC and FSC Mix-Credit*** products. Through the certification, it supports responsible forestry management.

If you would like to find out more about our commitment to the FSC® management system, please contact:export@bourrasse.com

In 2024, the Tosse facilities of Bourrassé group have made a pledge to their CSR performance through ECOVADIS (facilitating sustainable management of partners at the supply and distribution end of the industry). 

Our professional gender equality index for 2024 is 91 points out of 100: See the full report.

* Systecode is a scheme introduced and supported by the European Cork Federation aimed at strictly ensuring enforcement of the Code, thereby guaranteeing the quality of the processes and products by certificate recipients. There are 3 levels: Basic, Premium and Excellence.

**  https://fr.fsc.org/fr-fr/certification – Gestion Forestière Responsable.

*** Source: https://fr.fsc.org/fr-fr/usage-de-la-marque/le-label-fsc-3-possibilits
Products certified FSC MIX are made from a mixture of fibres of different origins:
– At least 70% of the fibres come from FSC certified forests […],
– No more than 30% […] and/or so-called ‘monitored’ fibres.