Bourrasse’s harvest and carbon footprint

Bourrassé is mindful of the impact of its business on the environment and has decided to make a pledge to sustainable development.

Its carbon footprint is a perfect illustration of this.

Here we focus on Bourrassé’s environmental footprint.

Cork is the ultimate environmentally-friendly material.

It is a 100% natural resource.

  • Bio-based
  • Renewable
  • Recyclable

From the cork harvest to recycling the cork closures, every stage of cork’s lifecycle is part of a virtuous circle promoting environmental conservation.

When cork is extracted, there is no need to fell the tree. Quite the contrary, the utmost care is taken not to damage the tree whose bark has nine years to regenerate itself. Next comes the production stage for cork closures, then bottling.

Recycling cork closures produces, amongst other things, granulates that can be used by the building industry.

So when you opt for cork as a material, you are choosing to protect the environment.

Bourrassé’s manufacturing process

Bourrassé is determined to take environmental protection a stage further, which is why, as a closure solutions manufacturer, it has decided to optimise its entire production process.

Its factory is self-sufficient in water.  This precious natural resource is sourced, filtered and then treated on-site before being incorporated into the production chain.

For its energy needs, Bourrassé has chosen to use alternative, renewable energy – cork dust stemming from the manufacturing process provides fuel for the steam generators. It is used at every stage of production. Heat from the combustion smoke is also used to heat the water.


Bourrassé’s carbon footprint comes out green

Due to all these choices, Bourrassé has a green carbon footprint.

This means that with 206,550 tonnes of CO2 captured by using cork, Bourrassé by far offsets the 4,644 tonnes of CO2 emitted during its manufacturing process.

This performance has secured it an endorsement from a number of certification bodies.

Bourrassé, certified environmentally-friendly for its contribution to protecting the environment

With a genuine commitment to the environment, Bourrassé complies strictly with the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices (ICCSMP).

Its rigour and innovation have allowed it to obtain two certifications :

  • SYSTECODE EXCELLENCE is a certification scheme that recognises implementation of the ICCSMP with even more stringent requirements. Managed by the European Cork Federation, it guarantees the quality of the processes and products. The certificate is issued after an annual audit by the independent agency Bureau Veritas ;
  • FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL is a certification scheme that promotes sustainable resource management in order to guarantee a balance between biodiversity and the local economy.

With its green carbon footprint, and despite its already remarkable carbon footprint performance, Bourrassé does not intend to stop there. The company makes ongoing investments aimed at environmental protection and sustainable development. As a manufacturer of quality closure solutions, its forthcoming objective is to reduce its energy consumption by 6% by 2024.