The global market for cork closures

The market for closure solutions is highly competitive. New solutions, such as screwcaps, have been entering the market for several years. However, cork closures have not lost their leading position in the global market.

Facts and figures for the global cork closure market

To get a precise vision of the significance of the cork closure market at global level, we have selected some meaningful figures:

  • 550 cork closures are manufactured every second around the world;
  • 18.5 billion stoppers are produced every year worldwide, including two thirds in cork, mainly from Portugal ;
  • 12 billion bottles are sealed with a natural or agglomerated cork closure every year;
  • 33% of cork oak forests are located in Portugal, the leading cork-producing country;
  • 2.5 billion cork closures are produced by France each year.

These figures demonstrate the extent to which cork closures continue to be in the vanguard of closure solutions for sealing bottles of wine.

Cork closures as viewed by the USA and China

China and the USA are the world’s largest wine consumers. They import huge amounts of wine and have a particular soft spot for French wines, particularly those from Bordeaux.

Interestingly, in the United States a bottle of wine with a cork closure not only sells better, but also has a higher price tag.

This is one of the findings highlighted by the Cork Quality Council in its latest report.

Why cork closures are successful

This clear preference for cork closures worldwide is mainly due to the fact that they are recognised as a guarantee of quality, and therefore are part of a wine’s image.

Also, cork closure manufacturers have made huge strides in limiting the risks of ‘cork taint’ in wine. Now significantly reduced, the fault blamed on cork closures in the past is no longer an issue.

Lastly, the environmental benefits of cork align with sustainable objectives, from the forestry aspect to cork manufacturing and recycling.

The global cork closure market is therefore of great significance and cork closures remain the most popular solution, particularly among American and Chinese consumers.